marți, 2 iulie 2013

Portrait Gallery


After giving a 'good night' hug to my teenage son, when I was preparing to leave his room, I looked back and saw him opening his notebook. Suddenly, in the dense darkness of the room I had a visual sensation of intense light falling on his face, it was something like a vision, it was beautiful. I instantly took my smartphone out of a pocket and was really happy to have time to take this snapshot as it seems to confirm my aesthetic perception. 'Absorption' means the energy transfer of electromagnetic radiation to a human body and the state of mental concentration a teenager enters in front of a computer.


This is one of my autistic daughter's unusual sense of living, touching, smelling, starring, tasting, balancing. Her odd but delicate postures are so unusual attractively and her beautiful white skin gives her the appearance of an artless elegance. This is a snapshot taken in our courtyard, last summer, in a lazy, hot afternoon, when my daughter took a statue-like posture, her head turned and touching her right shoulder, deeply pressing one side of a chaise longue and sitting still for long minutes as posing for an artist. Quaint, isn't it?


Named after the Latin word for felicity, my youngest son seems to authenticate the meaning of his name by revealing his innate sense of happiness wherever he happens to be, here, in a coffee shop, enjoying the bliss of being loved or just being. I love this snapshot because I love my very expressive model with its good-natured smile and its quiet playfulness and I love the peaceful, warm light falling on my son's face.

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